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Lifelong Learning

Arkansas requires 60 hours per year of continuing education for

teacher licensure. I've used this page to document those hours

and to archive and reflect on my learning.


This year, I decided  to house continuing education on my blog. The blog format allows me to not only list the trainings

I've attended but also to reflect upon them, automatically archiving my reflections in a searchable format. You can access

my reflections through the categories on the right side of the page: PD 07-08 includes all the continuing education

not listed in the chart below. 



May 28-June 1

(24 hours)

Batesville High School

Batesville, Arkansas                 

Batesville Middle & High School Curriculum Pacing Guides

The Middle and High School English Department worked to align instruction in

grades 7-12 and to map instruction, using Arkansas frameworks.


June 25-29

(30 hours)

U of A at Little Rock

Little Rock, Arkansas

Advanced Placement Summer Institute: 

English Language & Composition

Consultant Eva Arce, an AP test committee member, modeled several

strategies she uses with students. We explored strategies, available materials and resources, and ideas for structuring the class.

June 11-12

(12 hours)

Northcentral Co-op

Melbourne, AR

Taking the Mystery Out of WebQuests: Building WebQuests for Middle and High School Students

Session 51135

I led this workshop, which explored how to locate and modify webquests and how to create one from scratch. Participants explored options for posting the webquest online, including using wikis.

June 13 & August 2

(6 hours)

Northcentral Co-op

Melbourne, AR

PowerPoint & Beyond

Session 51137 Session 51147

I taught this workshop, which explained how to create nonlinear PowerPoints, explored ideas for curriculum integration, and explained options for assessment.

June 14

(6 hours)

Northcentral Co-op

Melbourne, AR

Creating Digital Presentations with Middle and High School Students

Session 51138

I taught this workshop that showed participants how to use Microsoft PhotoStory, explored ideas for curriculum integration, and explained options for assessment.

June 20-21

(8 hours)

Hot Springs High School

Hot Springs, Arkansas

Hot Springs Technology Institute (HSTI)

I attended the following sessions:

  • David Warlick keynote session, which explored the impact of Web 2.0 and the need for school reform to equip our students with 21st century skills.
  • Becky Hart's session (#117), "Technology Impact Learning," which explored the need for more Instructional Technologists and a proposed job description.
  • Cathy Walker's session (#79) introducing Second Life.
  • David Warlick's session, "The Landmark Project," exploring Web 2.0 tools, including RSS/Readers
  • Wallie Shaw's session (#71) "Funding Technology Programs," which explained his experience with writing grants and gave tips for how to find grants, the support, and tips for writing them.
  • Deneen Frazier Brown, keynote session--"The Natives Are Restless"

July 12-13

(12 hours)

Northcentral Co-Op

Melbourne, AR

Junior and High School Literature Circles with Technology

(Session 51734)

I taught this session, which defined literature circles; explored why they are an effective strategy; explained how to start and maintain them; modeled how to use mini-lessons to teach reading strategies, literary elements, and collaborative skills; detailed options for assessing them; and explained how to incorporate technology through using wikis. 

July 23-25

(18 hours)

Northcentral Co-Op

Melbourne, AR

Pathwise Mentoring

This training explains the four domains Arkansas uses to assess novice teachers in the Praxis program. The training focuses on familiarizing participants with the domains and preparing them to act as mentors for novice teachers.

August 7

(6 hours)

Eagle Mountain Elementary

Batesville, Arkansas

Batesville School District – Parental Involvement/ Arkansas History/ Physical Fitness and Nutrition

(Session 51611) 

August 13

(6 hours) 

 Batesville School District Day