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Curriculum Vitae

Page history last edited by Lisa Huff 6 years, 5 months ago



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Teacher. Consultant. Lifelong Learner.





Curriculum Vitae for Lisa D. Huff 




Education Specialist 

> K-12 Building Level Principal

>will complete 2015

> Arkansas State University

>Jonesboro, Arkansas

Master of Education

> Curriculum & Instructional Technology


> Grand Canyon University

> Phoenix, Arizona

Bachelor of Arts

>  English


> Lyon College

> Batesville, Arkansas

Arkansas Licensure

> English grades 7-12

> AP English Language

> AP English Literature

> Oral Communication

> Journalism



Teaching is an art. Becoming an accomplished artist requires more than raw talent. The artist who aspires to master his craft works diligently to hone his skills. Teaching is much the same. Though teachers may be born with talent, the accomplished teacher works incessantly to hone his craft, always learning new strategies, always looking for ways to improve, always finding new avenues for reaching students. Just as Picasso  brought life to a canvas, an accomplished teacher makes learning seem magical....Teaching Philosophy



AP English Language and Composition

See Course Site & PearlsandOnions

English 11

See Course Site  



Teaching literacy is my first love. Since completing my masters in curriculum and instructional technology, I've been fascinated by the potential of technology to transform the teaching of literacy. It is in this intersection--of literacy and technology--that I am researching, exploring, and experimenting...Read More





Refining Pedagogy:    my professional blog

JustRead!:                 my personal blog

PearlsandOnions:      class blog

BHSroom19:             class wiki2009

Filament Launchpad: class wiki (archived)

Lisa Huff:                  workshop wiki

21clc:                       wiki for my school to explore 

                                21st Century Learning

BSD21classrooms     my school district's initative to build

                                21st century classrooms

Learners4Life:            archived wiki for book club for fellow

                                English teachers

Literacy Lighthouse:   Ning to unite HS English teachers



Huff, Lisa. "Using Wikis as Electronic Portfolios." Digital Learning Environments (2008). 24 July 2008 http://guide2digitallearning.com/technology_curriculum_integration/using_wikis_electronic_portfolios.


Bernard, Sara. "Collaborative Crusader: Creating a Twenty-First-Century Learning Community for Teachers" (2008). Edutopia Magazine.


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