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LC Mini-Lessons

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Mini-Lessons: Learning To Read Actively & Critically and Share Ideas 


Reading Strategies Lessons and Models

IR program description.doc Hand-Out: Describes assignments:   Reading Response Journal, Polished Responses, Annotated Bibliography



Reading Actively



Reader's Notebook Models

  • DialecticNotes.pdf  Hand-Out:  Model two column notes from The Awakening by Chopin
  •  Flickr Photos:  Sample Reading Response Journals written by students 


Making Connections


Questioning the Text



Author's Craft Lessons


Discussion/Collaboration Lessons

Warm-Up Activities




Discussion Skills

  • Fan & Pick: Teaching students to ask follow-up questions.
  • Write Around: Instructions from Harvey Daniels. Write Around's let kids practice discussing, forcing each individual to participate.
  • Nonfiction Jigsaw: Notes from Harvey Daniels, having students read different texts related to common topic and discuss.
  • Book Club Behavior Analysis: Exercise from Nancy Steineke
  • Lit Circle Positive Behaviors: Nancy Steinke's List--you can make your own list; the idea is to spell out specific social/discussion skills for students to work on in discussions.
  • Fishbowl Flop.doc : Have students model what NOT to do.








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