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Lit Circles Extension Ideas

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Creating, Crafting, Collaborating: Extension Ideas to Go Beyond the Book

Project Ideas

  • Novel Museum: This 25-page hand-out provides all the resources you need to have kids collect and create artifacts related to a text and share them in a museum exhibit where literature circle groups act as curators.
  • Character Autopsy: Project Rubric   Literature Circle Poster Project.doc 
  • voicethreadroles[1].doc  VoiceThread Project-- hand-out describes student roles for multimedia projects, adaptable do any project
  • Create a 10-Question video of an author or literary character : See Carla's Post.



Consider having students create an online portfolio to evidence and reflect on their growth as readers, writers, thinkers, communicators, collaborators.  Here are some of the resources I've compiled and created. I hope you can find something here that you can use.

  • Getting started (Inquiry-based project): A wiki page that introduces idea of portfolio, posing several question and giving links to sites for students to begin exploring.
  • Supporting Documents: Housed on my class blog are a project checklist, hand-out listing both sets of standards, and a self-assessment checklist
  • Sample Student Portfolios: These portfolios required students to use two standards (NETS for Students and Arkansas ELA Standards), collect artifacts, and reflect on their learning.






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