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Nonlinear PowerPoint

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PowerPoint & Beyond 

Say Goodbye to Templates and Bullets

Session Description 

  • Workshop Agenda                                                                                                                    
  • Who Are Ygeners? 





 Sample Nonlinear PowerPoints




Download Nonlinear Tip Sheets


Learn How to Link an Image to a specific document on your wiki. View Show! 


Nonlinear PowerPoint Tutorial

This tutorial--a nonlinear PowerPoint created by Susan Fletcher--provides step-by-step directions and a ton of resources. To view PowerPoint, follow these steps:

  1. Click link and then "Open" on the pop-up box. It may take a minute for it to download.
  2. Double-click the Advanced PPT folder to open it.
  3. Select and open the first file,  Advanced PowerPoint.
  4. Click  Open, then Read Only.










Integration Ideas


Links to Helpful Sites

Ellen Finkelstein: A ton of how-to's organized by specific tasks like "Create  a drop-down menu."

Creating Nonlinear PowerPoints:  Using Master Slide and Action Buttons

NC State University:  Step-by-step instructions for creating nonlinear interactive PowerPoints and for publishing them to Internet

Publishing PowerPoint to Internet 

Interactive Prototypes: This site explains how to create mock websites, which may not apply to what you're doing, but his step-by-step tutorials are fantastic.

Interactive Story: Step-by-step instructions for creating an interactive story with multiple endings--very interesting!

Using Triggers to Create an Interactive Slide Show: a great tutorial from Microsoft.



Technology Standards from ISTE

Next Generation NETS_S_standards.doc

NETS for Students

NETS for Teachers (Revised to be released June '08)



Copyright Issues

Creative Commons (site)

Creative Commons 

Wes Fryer's list of sources on copyright


Clip Art, Photos, & Background Templates,Sound


Garr Reynolds' list of photo sites(both free resources and minimal cost resources)



Flickr Creative Commons

Flickr Advanced Search

Free Graphics

Brainy Betty


Deviant Art

Microsoft Clip Art


NASA Image Gallery

Classroom Clipart


Freeplay Music

Wes Fryer's List of Music & Audio Resources


PowerPoint Game Templates 

10 Question Quiz Template 

Jeopardy in Flash: Upload an existing PowerPoint or create a Jeopardy game online. You can play online or download.


Background Templates for Teachers

Vicki Blackwell       



PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts

Pixels to Inches Converter 






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