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Power of Story

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Engaging Students with Stories & Visuals



Garr Reynolds...

in this You Tube author series, Reynolds explains the importance of being a good presenter and communicator

and offers tips for using PowerPoint to create stunning presentations. It's an hour long but well worth it if you REALLY want to learn how to move beyond template-driven bulleted PowerPoints.  He offers presentation tips at his website and on his blog for other

helpful resources.


If you look at only one, check out Reynolds Top Ten Slide Tips.


Mr. Presentation




Find more videos like this on TeacherLibrarianNetwork


Death by PowerPoint


How NOT to Use PowerPoint

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Presentation Zen


Visuals in PowerPoint




Using Storytelling

The First Five Slides

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The Future Story(board) of PowerPoint

Beyond Bullet Points: Telling a Story with Your Presentation

Using Story to Inform and Influence 



Beyond Bullet Points: Cliff Atkinson's website (some free stuff but most of it requires becoming a member for $25 annually:()

Storyboard Graphic Organizer(see the parts of the story to help you organize yours): Type your story into this Word Document; then send it to a PowerPoint to automatically set up your slideshow (really cool!).

Digital Storytelling and Reforming PowerPoint: Another wiki with more resources



Andy Goodman's Storytelling iSchool: a wonderful example of a slideshow using storytelling.



Meet Henry                                                          


Career Advice '08: An overview of the important lessons found in Dan Pink's latest book



Mr. Winkles

This is a video, not a slideshow, but could easily have been formatted as a slideshow.


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Assessing Student Presentations/Stories

Assessment Ideas from Jason Ohler

Rubistar:  Design your own, use or modify one in their archives












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