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Session Descriptions

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Literatures Circles

Three-day Session for Beginners                                                    

Looking for ways to engage your students in reading, discussing and writing about texts? Literature Circles is a

proven strategy to get your students reading, thinking, discussing, and writing. This session analyzes the nuts and

bolts of literature circles: how to start them, how to assess them, how to maintain them, and how to infuse them

with technology. Participants receive Harvey Daniels' Literature Circles book, prepare lessons to use with mini-circles,

and create their own wiki, leaving the workshop armed with strategies and resources to start using literature circles

with their students.


Two-Day Session: Going Beyond the Basics

Looking for ways to engage your students in reading, discussing, and writing about texts? Literature Circles is a proven strategy to

get your students reading, thinking, discussing, and writing. This two-day session goes beyond the basics, modeling actual

mini-lessons to use with literature circles, sharing resources for managing literature circles, investigating different approaches for

 assessing literature circles, and exploring ways to integrate technology. Participants will leave the session armed with resources to

 use with their students: an actual lesson and a wiki.


PowerPoint and Beyond

Are your middle and high school students tired of PowerPoint? Learn simple strategies that will breathe new life into PowerPoint creations and reignite student motivation and creativity. This presentation takes participants from the standard linear format of PowerPoint to non-linear classroom integration uses. Participants will create an interactive presentation they can use with students and explore other non-linear uses as a teaching or student-learning tool.  Additionally,  participants will learn how to embed slideshows in web pages and will create a wiki to publish their PowerPoints online.

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