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Who Are These Kids? How Do We Reach Them in Our Classrooms?


                                                              Understanding the millennial mind -- its penchant for connectivity

                                                              and customization -- has larger implications than selling sneakers

                                                              and cell-phone minutes. It also affects such basic issues as how

                                                              to structure classroom learning.


                                                                                                     - Cecelia Goodnow in an article at Seattlepi.com



The Age of the Millennials

This is a long video --12.5 minutes--but worth watching. Do you recognize these "workplace" behaviors

in your classroom?  You can read the text version here.


Educating Millennials in the Information Age

A great blog defining Millennials and offering pratical teaching strategies for reaching them.



More on Millennials...


          This PowerPoint defines seven traits and offers practical suggestions for teachers to cater to each trait.

          This website, though geared toward the workplace, offers a ton of advice applicable to education.

          This article  summarizes how students today are different: the way they think, work, live. 

          A short article from Law Practice Today

          Apply these workplace recommendations to the classroom.

          Summary findings of PEW Research


 Changing the Way We Teach & Learn


21st Century Skills


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