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Model Lesson 2

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Learning Goals:

  • Analyze a print advertisement closely to determine the author's purpose and to explain how he or she achieves that purpose. (CCRS Reading 1)Complete graphic organizer together
  • Cite specific text evidence to support analysis. (CCRS Reading 1)
  • Use technology to collaboratively produce and publish analysis of advertisement. (CCRS Writing 6)
  • Make strategic use of digital media and visual displays to express information. (CCSS SL 3) 


1. Model Ad Analysis

  • Think Aloud: Analyze ad: select text evidence and note the impact of the author's choice. Determine author's purpose.
  • Use thinking tool to harvest evidence and ideas from the text. 



2. Work with Team to Select and Analyze Ad

  • Work with your team to select one ad for analysis.
  • Each individual use a thinking tool to capture evidence and ideas. 



3. Team Drafts Analysis


4. Publish Analysis to Class Blog

  • ONE PERSON from each team share your email. Then, check your email, and click the link to accept the invitation to be an author to our class blog.
  • Log in to the blog. If you don't have a gmail (or Google account), you'll have to first create one.
  • Click "New Post," and copy and paste your paragraph into the box.
  • Add a title.
  • Edit your post.
  • Click "Publish."
  • View your peers' posts on our class blog


5. Display Analysis with QR Code

  • Create QR code linking to your team's published blog post.
    • Create code.
    • Test it to make sure it works.
    • Print it. 
  • Create a poster and display in class: Ad + QR code with your team's names.
    • Sell it! Design your poster so that people want to scan the code to see what follows. 




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