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Scan-venger Hunt

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Scan-venger Hunt

Question:  What characterizes a 21st Century learning environment?


Step  1:  Download a scanner ap (Search for "ScanLife.") if you don't already have one on your smartphone, iPod or iPad (with camera). 


Step  2:  Scan the five (5) codes you see around the room--in any order. As you explore, try to answer our question. Talk with your group as you uncover the "treasures" that help characterize how a 21st Century learning environment looks and functions.


Step 3:  Create a WORDLE that describes a 21st Century learning environment.

  • Go to Wordle.net
  • Click "Create your own" (in middle of page).
  • Type in words that describe a 21st century learning environment.
    • You determine how large a word will be by typing a word multiple times.  
    • You can't put spaces between words.
    • Separate words with commas. Example:  technology, technology, technology, technology, technology, active, active 
    • Click "Go" below the box to see your Wordle.
    • If you want, play with the font, layout, and colors.
    • Click "Save to public gallery."


Step 4  Share your WORDLE with the rest of us.

Copy and paste the URL (web address) of your published Wordle into our Google Doc.






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