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Using PowerPoint for Common Core

Page history last edited by Lisa Huff 8 years, 4 months ago

PowerPoint Basics

PowerPoint allows you to create a slideshow that includes a range of multimedia: images, voice narration, sound and/or music, drawings, videos, hyperlinks to resources online, embedded files. Basically, it can be...

  • a container for resources, 
  • a linear presentation, 
  • a web page where users choose which slide to navigate to by clicking a hyperlinked image or word(s), 


How could students use PowerPoint to practice the skills outlined in Common Core

or to present ideas about a concept or topic?


As a designer of classroom learning experiences, you are limited only by your creative ability to give students the opportunity to show what they know in a creative format! Try taking a topic/concept from your curriculum, allowing students to use inquiry (read, think, discuss, research) to learn the concept/topic. Then, have students create a real-world product to share their learning or apply the learning.


Facilitate students' learning throughout the process as needed by...

  • giving pointed mini-lessons on key concepts, 
  • modeling to demonstrate how to perform a specific skill or to explain a concept, 
  • guiding students to needed resources,
  • questioning to push students to deeper thinking and richer products,
  • checking for understanding to make sure students are learning key concepts, 
  • providing rubrics (or working with students to co-create them) and models that identify what quality work looks like.


Here are a few ideas of products students might create using PowerPoint:

  • Documentary
  • Photo Narrative
  • Story 
  • Narrated Portfolio of their work (use voice narrations to reflect on work and learning)
  • Editorial Cartoon 
  • Argument
  • Web Site
  • Interactive Resume 
  • Advertisement
  • Informational Presentation (Like a booth a fair with a looping slideshow)


Explore the links below to find other ideas:








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