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What can we have students create, produce, publish?

What technology would they use?



Collaborate with your team to create a 10x10 slideshow that informs viewers of how students can use technology to address the Common Core Standards your group unpacked earlier.

  • Your slideshow must contain EXACTLY ten (10) slides.
  • Insert an image (one created by you or located online) on each slide that relates (literally or symbolically) to the concept. Avoid using copyrighted images.
  • Add voice narration to explain the concept. Be concise! 
  • Set your slideshow to auto advance every ten (10) seconds. 
  • Publish your slideshow by uploading to this wiki page (I'll help with this.)





  • With your team, return to the standards you unpacked earlier. Discuss together what, specifically, you could have students create that would address the standards you unpacked. 
  • Explore the links in the RESOURCE section below to find ideas for integrating technology.



  • Create an outline, to plan your presentation: you might try using 10 sticky notes to map out the 10 slides.
  • Divide and conquer. Assign different team members different tasks so that you can work efficiently. Consider these tasks for team members:
    • Image collector(s):  take images with phone or find them on the web
    • Script Writer(s): write a script for voice narration
    • Slideshow Producer(s):  create the slideshow, setting up 10 slides, inserting images and voice narration, setting auto advance every 10 seconds.
    • Audio Editor(s):  Record the voice narration. Add sound clips and/or music if desired. 



  • Each member of team, complete his or her assigned task. Ask your team members and instructor for help if needed.



  • Watch the finished slideshow together and revise and edit as needed.
    • Are all the images crisp and clear? Do they relate to the concept being shared?
    • Is the voice narration easy to understand? Does it clearly communicate the ideas so that the audience will understand?
    • Does the slideshow advance automatically--a new slide every ten seconds? Is the total presentation  100 seconds long (about a 1 1/2 minutes)?



  • See the instructor to get help logging in to wiki to upload your finished presentation to this page so that all can view. 



Ideas for Tech Integration:

What one school is doing K-12

Playing with Media

Web Tools (Remember--the focus should be on the TASK, not the TOOL. Check out the left margin: notice categories like RESEARCH, WRITING, COLLABORATING, GRAPHING...)

Product How-Tos from Microsoft

Using PowerPoint

Using Word

Microsoft Teacher Guides

Microsoft in Ed Lesson Plans


Tutorials for Creating Slideshow:

How to add images

How to add voice narration, music, or sound clips

* How to set auto advance


10x10 is an adaption of Ignite and PechaKucha.




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