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Model Lesson 3:

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Learning Goals:

  • I can read closely to determine how specific words, phrases, and details from a text shape the meaning and tone.
  • I can analyze two or more texts on similar topics and compare the approaches the authors take
  • I can prepare and participate in a text-centered conversation to share my ideas clearly and to build on others' ideas 
  • I can  select the most appropriate textual evidence to support my analysis.



My Wood.docx

The Whistle.docx


************************************************************************ADD VIDEO

Inner/Outer Circle


Preparing for Conversation

  • Read & Annotate
  • Prepare.Discussion.pdf  
    • Select 3 Pieces of Specific Text Evidence--to comment on, or that you'd like help figuring out what they mean (Write on Sticky Notes)
    • Formulate 2 Questions (On Sticky Notes)
    • Synthesize--Connect two or more texts 


Complete the form below to self-evaluate your contribution to discussion today.



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